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Land can be used for a variety of purposes. When your plans for commercial property are at odds with zoning laws, we can help.

Do you want to convert a warehouse into offices? Convert an apartment building or other building into condominiums? Acquire a liquor license or food/common victualler license for your bar or restaurant? The law firm of Adam Dash & Associates handles all types of commercial real estate, zoning law and permit issues, as well as zoning appeals.

Do you have questions about commercial zoning laws, permits or appeals in Somerville or Cambridge? Call our law office at 866-662-1899 to arrange a free consultation.

Attorney Adam Dash serves as Selectman for the Town of Belmont, and former member of the Belmont Warrant Committee. He has been the chair of the Town of Belmont Community Preservation Act Study Committee and a member of the Belmont Zoning Board of Appeals. Additionally, Megan Kemp has extensive knowledge of zoning laws and has handled many cases involving zoning challenges, including many zoning and permitting matters in Somerville and Cambridge. Our legal team’s experience means there is no learning curve when we handle your case. We are thoroughly familiar with zoning rules and can:

  • Support your petition for a special permit or variance
  • Represent you in hearings about permit violations, including serving liquor to a minor
  • Handle your zoning and condominium conversion applications

Our real estate practice also provides a wide range of residential real estate services. We handle purchases and sales, refinancing transactions and more. If you have any questions about commercial or residential real estate, contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

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For answers to your zoning, permit and appeal questions, contact Adam Dash & Associates by email or call us toll free at 866-662-1899 to arrange a free consultation. Our lawyers are available for evening appointments and our offices are conveniently located in Davis Square.