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Family law issues often affect the heart of your life. When you face a divorce, a dispute regarding child support or spousal support payment, or a child custody dispute, you need an attorney who understands your concerns and can fight effectively for your rights.

At the Somerville, Massachusetts, family law firm of Adam Dash & Associates, we can help. We try to make the legal process easier by working one on one with you. Once you hire us, you will have access to your attorney’s direct phone line so that we can provide the understanding service needed at a challenging time.

We provide experienced, effective and results-oriented legal services. Our attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience and have handled numerous family law cases.

Do you face legal issues about divorce or paternity, child support and custody, or modifications to existing court orders? Contact Adam Dash & Associates by calling us toll free at 866-662-1899.

Has your child’s other parent stopped making child support payments? Are you involved in a paternity action? Do you have questions about prenuptial agreements?

We have helped dozens of families resolve contempt and “violation of judgment” issues and receive payments for unpaid child support and spousal support. We can also work closely with you to pursue your child custody and visitation goals and to handle the entire legal process for you.

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If you have questions about family law, contact our firm by email or call us toll free at 866-662-1899 for a free initial consultation with a lawyer. We are available for evening appointments and are conveniently located in Davis Square.