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Helping Parents And Children Maintain Relationships After Divorce

For parents going through a divorce or unmarried parents seeking to establish rights with respect to their children, issues of child custody and child support are often heated and emotional. These sensitive issues require the attention of a skilled, compassionate attorney.

At Adam Dash & Associates, our lawyers have 45 combined years of experience helping divorced parents in Somerville and Boston maintain relationships with their children. Our child custody lawyers provide effective counsel to clients concerning:

  • Sole custody, shared custody and joint custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Parental relocation
  • Paternity testing and establishing parental rights
  • Violation of court orders (contempt)

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Child Support Lawyers Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Children

The best interests of the children are always foremost in dealing with issues of child custody and child support. With respect to child support, the commonwealth of Massachusetts has guidelines that a court must follow when determining the amount of support to award in most instances. At our firm, we will sit down with you and explain all aspects of support, such as:

  • The details of the child support guidelines
  • Enforcement of support orders
  • Providing the court with the necessary information to make an accurate support determination
  • Increasing or decreasing child support orders

We take pride in being accessible to you throughout all phases of your family law case. If a question or concern comes up, always feel free to stop in at our office or give us a call. We usually return calls within 24 hours.

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