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Helping Your Family Deal With Changing Circumstances After Divorce

Has a job change, relocation, desire to spend more time with your child or other reasons necessitated a modification to your existing child custody or child support arrangement? If so, an experienced family law attorney can help you have divorce-related agreements or Court orders changed.

At the Somerville, Massachusetts, family law firm of Adam Dash & Associates, we can help. Our attorneys have over 45 combined years of experience helping clients resolve family law disputes in the Somerville and Boston area.

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Many parents find themselves dealing with issues such as job loss or lower income. This is one reason to seek a modification of child support or spousal support orders. We have worked with many families that needed to create, change or enforce child custody and child support arrangements. There are many reasons, economic and otherwise, why these orders may need to be modified, including:

  • Child abuse
  • Job loss
  • Changes in income
  • Relocation
  • Failure to follow existing arrangements
  • Changing needs of the child

Experienced Boston Contempt Lawyer

We understand the frustration that can result when your former partner or spouse fails to adhere to court-ordered agreements or orders. Perhaps he or she fails to pick up your child at agreed-upon times. Perhaps a current girlfriend or boyfriend is present during visitation, in conflict with your agreement. Or perhaps your ex is behind on his or her child support payments.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be possible to pursue a contempt proceeding. We can examine the situation and aggressively represent you in court in such matters. We have helped numerous people successfully force other parties to adhere to judgments and agreements, and we are often able to get the other side to pay all attorneys’ fees.

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