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Lawyers For Marital Property Division In Somerville And Cambridge

The division of marital property is an important element of any divorce case. However, without the help of a skilled attorney, it can be difficult to prioritize the protection of your property rights during a difficult divorce.

At the Somerville, Massachusetts, family and divorce law firm of Adam Dash & Associates, we understand the difficulties divorce can bring. We will work with you to establish your goals and our lawyers fight for you at all points during your divorce, leaving you the time and energy to tend to other matters. We have helped numerous Somerville and Boston area families, and we hope to help you, too.

Are you concerned about how much property and debt you will be left with when your divorce is finalized? Do you have questions regarding assets ranging from household goods to family businesses and retirement accounts? Call 617-440-7731 or 866-662-1899.

Are you concerned about complex financial instruments like royalties, stock options, pensions, retirement accounts or annuities? Is your home in foreclosure? Do you and your spouse own a business together or do you own a business together with family members?

Adam Dash holds an economics degree and has practiced family law since 1990. Megan Kemp has experience valuing real estate holdings. Our attorneys can quickly comprehend hard-to-understand business and financial documents and have protected and advanced the marital property rights of self-employed individuals, professionals, corporate clients and others. For answers and effective legal representation in all divorce-related matters, including child custody and support, contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

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If you have questions regarding marital property and debt division, contact our firm. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening appointments and are conveniently located in Davis Square. To contact us, call 617-440-7731 or 866-662-1899.