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When patience and attempts at resolution fail to resolve a dispute and litigation is necessary, it is important to work with an experienced and aggressive litigation attorney to ensure your optimum probability for success.

At the Somerville, Massachusetts, law firm of Adam Dash & Associates, our team of attorneys has successfully handled hundreds of legal disputes. We can handle all aspects of courtroom litigation.

Are you involved in a legal dispute? Do you have questions regarding your rights and how to proceed in obtaining a fair outcome? Call Adam Dash & Associates at 617-440-7731 or 866-662-1899.

Our lawyers are experienced in a broad range of legal cases, including family law, real estate, zoning, land use, consumer protection (chapter 93A), contractor issues, construction, business-to-business matters and landlord-tenant disputes. Are you involved in a dispute regarding:

  • Condominiums, homeowners associations or zoning?
  • Leases, rentals or evictions/summary processes?
  • Contracts?
  • Probate and wills?
  • Construction, contractors or subcontractors?
  • Lack of payment/collections?
  • Real estate, including boundary disputes or petitions for partition?
  • Family law and divorce?

Our attorney team includes members of the Belmont Warrant Committee, the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Additionally, attorney Dash formerly served as a member of the Town of Belmont Zoning Board of Appeals and as chair of the Town of Belmont Community Preservation Act Study Committee. We have worked with and fought against numerous agencies and businesses throughout the Somerville and Greater Boston area. For more information on our dispute and civil litigation legal services, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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If you have questions regarding civil litigation, contact Adam Dash & Associates. We are available for evening appointments and are conveniently located in Davis Square. To contact us, call 617-440-7731 or 866-662-1899.