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Attorneys For Condominium Disputes In Somerville And Cambridge

Condominium disputes can involve condominium boards of trustees, developers, contractors, unit owners, tenants or other parties. If you are involved in a condominium dispute, you need your attorney to take a proactive approach to obtaining a positive outcome on your behalf.

At Adam Dash & Associates, our lawyers provide experienced legal advocacy to those involved in condo disputes. We seek fair and efficient resolution of your problem.

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Dispute Resolution That Focuses On Your Needs And Goals

Our legal team provides quality legal help to individuals and entities involved in what are often complicated condo disputes. With our knowledge of both Massachusetts commercial real estate law and condominium law, we are highly adept at addressing problems.

We will identify the core dispute, ensure that we understand our client’s goals and strive for a resolution that meets our client’s needs and protects both long- and short-term interests. Adam Dash & Associates handles condominium disputes that arise from matters such as:

  • Governance issues and enforcement
  • Nonpayment of fees or assessments
  • Unauthorized subleasing or another lease violation
  • Disputes between unit owners and condominium boards of trustees
  • Code violations or construction defect claims
  • Liens
  • Condominium conversion-related disputes

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